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講座文件 Seminar Slides and Posters

講座檔案  Presentation Slides/Audio Recordings
(Some of the presentation slides are not shown here due to copy right concerns.)

Lifestyle Prevention of Diabetes
Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease 01-14-17
Impactful Innoventions from the history of electonics 12-10-16
Death With Dignity Act
Administrative law; Federal vs state court; Chinese-Americans in the Judiciary; Civic Duty; History of Chinese- Americans
California State Election Process
the-good-the-bad-the-ugly-your-skin 9-10-16
In-Depth Tour of Gerrmany David Hsu 4-9-2016
簡單其實不簡單 Jeff Cheung 3-26-16
The Art of Mah-Jong by Tuck Tsai 2-13-2016 9(audio only)
Career Advancement 如何獲得晉升1-30-16
Cruise-Talk 遊輪假期 3-25-15
Digital-Boundaries-in-the-Home Peter Lee 4-4-15
Education, Learning, and Life 教育,學習,與人生 1-24-15
Food for Thought 7-11-15
From a Researcher to CEO 5-22-15
GI-and-Liver-Diseases-Important-to-the-Chinese 10-3-15  
The-Political-Participation-of-Chinese-and-Asian-Americans 11-7-15
Tour-China-on-Train-by-John-Sun 坐高鐵-遊中國-去西藏 9-19-15

傳單 Flyers

090917 Tax Efficient Investing (1)
Lifestyle Prevention of Diabetes 03-18-17 
Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease 01-14-17 
Impactful Innoventions from the History of Electronics 12-10-16 
091016 Dr Chuang-The Good, the Bad & the Ugly (of Our Skin)
061816 M Shires community outreach (1)
061116 Spine Protection Dr John Chiu – rev. A
052816 Dr. Kevin Chang Cancer Immunotherapy
050716 Kathy on Insurance
043016 我寫作的前世今生 Una Kuan
040916 in Depth tour of Germany v1 (1)
032616 morning community security and safety
032616 jeff Cheung 簡單其實不簡單
030516 Dr. Kwan on Podiatry
022716 The economic superpowers Mr Lee
021316 Tuck Tsai on mahjong
013016 Chiang and Cheung on Career Advancement
011616 Dr. Brand on diabetes
121915 Photography by 馬馭
120515 Dr. David Lowe_keys to health and longevity
110715 Professor Pei-te Lien 103115 Master Wang Zhihai
101715 Robert Chow on Finance
100315 Dr Tesu Lin on GI and Liver Diseases
091915 John Sun on travel by train in China
091215 Irene on Math and Science
072515 Dr Sue on Medical Imaging-1
071115 Jimmy Zhao on Food
062715 Dr. Kimball CLU 061315 Dr Wan on eye care
051615 Dr Qiu on CVD 050915 Ruiyun on Chinese culture
042515 Claudia Bill-de la Pena
032815 Chiang and Hsiang on Cruise talk
022815 Dr George Yu on Sleep
021415 Xu Bing on Tax 021316 Tuck Tsai on mahjong
020715 Dr Ju-Sung Wu on stroke
012415 Derek Chueng on education
120614 Dr Kevin Chang on Cancer