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康谷華協工作小組 CCCA Operating Committees












The functions of the CCCA operating committees (康谷華協工作小組) are to carry out specific activities in support of the CCCA objectives. The Operating committees include committees on Education, Community Outreach, Communications, Fund-Raising, Events, and Senior Citizen Services.

1. Education Committee
The main objective of Educational Committee is to oversee and support the operation of the Thousand Oaks Chinese School (TOCS).
Specific functions of the Committee include:
– Oversee financial operations of the TOCS and PVA by working with the CCCA Controller; including budgeting and over-budget approvals.
– Coordinate education and culture related activities among CCCA, TOCS, and PVA.
– Organize and process the scholarship award applications, selection and distribution.
– Coordinate annual TOCS Principal nomination and election process.

2. Community Outreach Committee
The objectives of the Community Outreach Committee are to represent CCCA in interfacing with other organizations, to promote cultural exchange activities, and to participate in civic activities representing the local Chinese American community. To better serve the community, special groups can be initiated with the approval of the CCCA board and are overseen by the Community Outreach Committee.

3. Communications Committee
The objectives of the Communications Committee are to enhance communication amongst all members and local communities, and to coordinate annual CCCA nomination and election processes.
Specific functions and responsibilities of the committee are:
– Maintaining membership directory, database and the CCCA website.
– Mailing regular CCCA information to members.
– Membership drive.
– Liaison between the CCCA and the CCCA Journal operations.
– Coordinating the CCCA election process.

4. Fund-Raising Committee
The objective of the Fund Raising Committee is to raise funds for supporting various CCCA activities
Specific functions are to solicit donations and collaborate with other committees for fund raising activities.

5. Events Committee
The objectives of the Event Committee are to organize and sponsor lectures, seminars, festivals and recreational events.

6. Senior Citizen Services Committee
The objective of the Senior Citizen Services Committee is to provide selected services for senior citizens of the local Chinese American community.
The committee’s functions may include
– Facilitating regular senior gatherings.
– Creating liaison with the Thousand Oaks Senior Center and other institutions.
– Organizing special events for senior citizens.