新春晚會 Annual Chinese New Year Celebration | Conejo Chinese Cultural Association

新春晚會 Annual Chinese New Year Celebration

About The CCCA New Year Celebration Event

This is an annual event sponsored by the CCCA for more than 30 years.  It is normally held around the Chinese New Year time in the City of Thousand Oaks.

Over 300 youngsters and 100 adults participate in stage performance and 200 or more volunteers to organize, direct, and produce the event.

About 1200 audience, mostly from the local Conejo Valley communities, would attend this yearly celebration that fosters and values diverse cultures. The dramas, music, special arts, and dance performances in this event are based upon, and derived from the rich heritage of Chinese culture, which carries a continuous tradition over five thousand years.

Each year, this highly regarded event has attracted not only Chinese from all communities, but friends from various racial backgrounds. This event brings diversity, harmony, mutual respect, and vitality for all citizens in the area.