2016年 中國文化節 The 2016 Chinese Cultural Day Expo(11月5日) (内含Raffle获奖名单) | Conejo Chinese Cultural Association

2016年 中國文化節 The 2016 Chinese Cultural Day Expo(11月5日) (内含Raffle获奖名单)

今年康谷中華文化協會將於115日星期六 11:00am-4:00pm 在千橡市藝術廣場公園(Front Lawn of Thousand Oaks Civic Art Plaza) 主辦第二屆中國文化節除了有很多商家和企業參與並供應攤位,同時還有許多傳統文化的展 示活動,如書法、國畫、茶藝、摺紙、珠心算、造紙、傳統工藝、 舞龍舞獅、音樂、歌舞表演等等.  豐富的抽獎獎品中包括了Apple 的手機 iPhone 7!   

康谷華協2014年辦舉的第一屆中國文化節吸引了千餘名遊客遊客們在遊樂中欣賞和學習了中國文化,樂而忘返。我們誠邀您參與 這個快樂而有意義的活動
Free Admission to join !!!   But Buy raffle to win iPhone 7 *:) happy
Raffle and Game ticket sales at TOCS : 10/22, 10/29   OR  11/5 at event ticket booth


請聯Elaine Lo at 805-407-2488; Tina Chulak at 818-661-9255; Tina Yu at 818-635-3507 或 電郵

The 2016 Chinese Cultural Day Expo

In 2014, the Conejo Chinese Cultural Association successfully hosted the first Chinese Cultural Day Expo in the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza Park.  Many local businesses had participated in the event with concession stands.  The activities including traditional cultural exhibitions, calligraphy, tea ceremony, origami, abacus, paper, dance performances, and raffle tickets drawing.  More than a thousand visitors had so much fun and they were reluctant to leave.

On this coming November 5, Saturday, 11:00am-4:00pm, we will have the Second Expo at the same place.  We hope that you can participate in this fun and meaningful event.  Please contact us by calling Elaine Lo at 805-407-2488; Tina Yu at 818-635-3507; Tina Chulak at 818-661-9255  or email to

康谷中華文化協會 Conejo Chinese Cultural Association (CCCA)

                                     P.O. Box 6775,Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

2016 Chinese Culture Day – Photos 

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