2016 年 美國大選 2016 US Election | Conejo Chinese Cultural Association

2016 年 美國大選 2016 US Election

United States General Election – Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Update for Town Hall meeting on 10/1/2016:

There were about 80 people attended the town hall. We covered wide range of topics and questions including: information of 27th senate state district, Republican candidate Steve Fazio’s bio, his main policy focus – job, public safety and education. He clearly stated that he is against affirmative action, and believe both education and employment should be merit based, not race quota driven. He also expressed his concerns on big government, over regulation driving god business away from the state of California, and the deterioration of public safety as a result of politically driven, irresponsible state legislation.


California 27th District Sanate Race
California Online Voter Registration
Offices Up For Election 2016 (Click for the enlarged PDF version)

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