康谷中華文化中心 Conejo Chinese Cultural Center | Conejo Chinese Cultural Association

康谷中華文化中心 Conejo Chinese Cultural Center

  • 將為當地華人提供文化活動中心
  • 將為學習中文提供校舍
  • 將對任何對中華文化有興趣的人開放服務
目前, 我們還沒有永久性的建築. 然而, 一些文化中心的活動已經開始; 講座, 會議, 文化日, 籌款活動, 等.


The Conejo Chinese Cultural Association (CCCA) is in the process of establishing a Chinese Cultural Center facility in the Conejo Valley area:
  • A facility for sharing Chinese heritage with exhibits, cultural events, lectures, and social activities.
  • A dedicated campus for our Chinese school educational programs and other related functions.
  • A welcome community center for everyone interested in Chinese culture.

At present, we do not have a permanent building . However, several cultural center functions have already started at leased places; seminars, meetings, cultural days, fund raising events, etc.

Cultural Center Briefing

有任何問題和建議, 請通過 email 同我們聯絡.
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