組織章程 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) | Conejo Chinese Cultural Association

組織章程 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Download Link:

CVSC SOP 2-21-2017


The Conejo Valley Student Commission (CVSC)


The Conejo Chinese Cultural Association (CCCA)

(Amended on February 21, 2017.)


  • Discover the common and unique qualities of youth through cultural outreach.
  • Execute innovative ideas by creating opportunities and maximizing available resources.

Mission Statement

  • Inspire youth to serve the local community.

Vision Statement

  • Create a new version of leadership.

Board Members (15) and Election Committee (15)

  • Supervisor (1)
  • Advisor (1)
  • CCCA Liaison (1)
  • Student Officers (4): Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary
  • Student Commissioners (8)

Interns and Guest Student Commissioners

  • Interns are invited at the discretion of the Election Committee.
  • Interns are invited to be the Student Commissioners the following year at the discretion of the Election Committee without re-submitting the applications
  • Guest Student Commissioners are invited by the Election Committee.


  • Start from July 1 to June 30 the following year.
  • Supervisor: 3 years and re-electable.
  • Advisor: 3 years and eligible for invitation again.
  • CCCA Liaison: abided by the CCCA Bylaws.
  • Student Officers: minimum 1 year and maximum 2 years.
  • Student Commissioners: minimum 1 year and maximum 3 years.
  • Intern: 1 year.
  • Guest Student Commissioner: at the discretion of the board members.



  • Nominated by the CCCA or the CVSC.
  • Applicant is required to submit a resume, conducts a presentation, and is approved by more than half of the Election Committee.


  • Invited by the Supervisor.


  • The current Student Commissioners apply to the officer positions by submitting a written request to the Supervisor by January 31st.
  • If more than four requests are received, a special panel will be formed to determine who will fill the four officer positions. This panel will consist of the supervisor, the adviser, the CCCA liaison, and an additional four members. The supervisor will invite 2 of these additional four members, while the adviser and the CCCA liaison will each invite one member. The four student commissioners receiving the largest amount of votes from this special panel will be eligible to fill the four officer positions.
  • The newly elected officers will be announced around March 15th. Decision may be delayed due to special circumstances.

Student Commissioners:

  • The application forms for incoming Student Commissioners must be submitted to the Supervisor by April.
  • Applicants with the largest number of votes from the Election Committee will be elected to fill the open seats.
  • The new student commissioners will be announced in June.

Interns and Guest Student Commissioners: Invited by the Election Committee.

CCCA Liaison: A CCCA director nominated by the CCCA President.



  • Resignation: notify the CCCA Liaison in writing 45 days prior to the effective date.
  • Removal requires consensus of two-thirds of the remaining board members.


  • Resignation: notify the supervisor in writing 45 days prior to the effective date.
  • Removal requires consensus of two-thirds of the remaining board members.

CCCA Liaison:

  • Abided by the CCCA Bylaws.

Officers, Student Commissioners and Interns:

  • Resignation: notify the supervisor in writing.
  • Automatic removal after 3 consecutive unexcused absences from monthly meetings. Vacancies will remain open until the next election cycle.
  • Removal requires consensus of two-thirds of the remaining board members.


Supervisor and Advisor:

  • Guide the program, mentor the student members, and inspire the student members to fulfill the CCCA SC’s objectives, mission and vision statements.

CCCA Liaison:

  • Serve as a liaison between the CCCA and the CVSC.
  • Report on new initiatives that the SC can assist the CCCA with or find ways that the CCCA can assist the CVSC.


  • Plan meeting schedules and reserve meeting rooms.
  • Attend the CCCA Board meetings.
  • Lead Student Commissioners and delegate tasks to appropriate parties.

Vice Chair:

  • Promote the CVSC, market and advertise its activities.
  • Act as outreach coordinator.
  • Assists the Chair in delegating tasks and leading events and meetings.


  • Raise funds, handle all monetary related tasks along with basic accounting to manage funds.
  • Maintain the CVSC’s budget and report to the Supervisor and the Chair on status of the account.
  • Renew CCCA membership.


  • Recruit meeting minutes recorder.
  • Write and handle executive documents.
  • Assist Vice chair in advertisement.
  • Submit the SOP to the CCCA secretary for filing.


  • Maintain and update the CVSC website.

Social Media Director:

  • Oversee social media accounts
  • Promote CCCA and CVSC activities to the public
  • Take photos

Student Commissioners, Interns and Guest Student Commissioners:

  • Recruited by the officers to support various functions and activities.


Revisions to the SOP

  • Require the approval of two-thirds of the board members.